Playing with colour

I have a new project in my mind that I am super excited to work on…so I started at 4am! After researching photos, making a basic sketch, and painting the background, I decided I wanted to test my colours before I put them all on the canvas. So I very quickly made a fun colour swatch, with my fingers of course. 😉

This is a new process for me. Usually in my art I work more intuitively, reacting to what is placed on the canvas at each step. I attempted the plan it all out and paint step by step method in the past, and it didn’t work out so well for me. It lead me to a lot of self doubt and negative self talk, because i didnt have a completely clear picture in my head of a finished product. I only had an idea, and some feelings towards colour.

So this rare image of what I want to create is in my head. But again, I dont actually “see” the finished piece…i see parts of it. So to make sure my ideas will fly together, i decided to play with colour. I think its going to look great, and I can hardly wait for the background to dry!

I’m curious…do you have a picture in your mind of the finished product before you start painting? Or do you begin based on an idea or a colour or a desire to play and just see what comes out?