A Glimpse into my process – Leap of Faith

Untitled (5)

This painting is likely my favourite of the series so far…and that is saying a lot because I love them all for different reasons!  My first 30×30 inch painting…the largest I had done at that point in time…I was inspired and intimidated all at the same time.

This is such an empowering piece.  It reminds me to trust my roots, AND believe in my wings.  That there will always be obstacles and chaos in life, but just because they are there doesn’t mean that excitement and freedom are impossible to achieve.  She is leaving the tension behind her and leaning into the brightest light.  She is not looking down for she trusts the universe will take care of her.  It is the ultimate trust fall…believe in yourself and go after your dreams and make them into real goals with an action plan to achieve them, every…single…one.  And yes, there are going to be more obstacles, and potential failures, but it is through those experiences that one rises up with new knowledge and experience to tackle the next step or goal successfully.  She is truly owning her power, fearless in her confidence.  There is so much beauty and grace in her belief in herself, it is inspiring.  I look to her with admiration, longing to one day be all in for myself and my dreams.

Someone recently told me that 5 minutes of discomfort can lead to a lifetime of happiness.  Are you willing to push your limits, and stand on the edge of your comfort zone?  Do you believe you deserve to be happy and that your dreams are achievable?  No matter how big or small, we are all allowed to dream, and make our souls happy.  What does this painting mean or say to you?  I would love to hear it!  Comment below, or if it is personal, send me a PM or email.  Cheers!

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