A Glimpse into my process – Creative Rebirth

jjjjkThis painting makes me very happy and means a lot to me on my personal journey.  And as with many of my paintings, there are many levels.  “Creative Rebirth” is a story of spring, nurturing, growing and motherhood, whether that be actual human motherhood or related to the birthing of a new project or idea.  It all fits into this piece beautifully.

So firstly, and mostly on the surface, she reminds me of my mother.  I have my mother’s magnolia tree in my back yard, and I think of her every time I look at it or stand with it.  Sometimes, I even will spend time with the tree and share my thoughts and respects to my mother, the way that many people do when they visit a cemetery plot.  This is my place to connect with my mother’s spirit…if you believe in that…which I do.  This tree reminds me of love and strength and rebirth.  In the fall, when the leaves drop from the branches, the magnolia tree has already fostered many buds that will bloom in the spring.  These buds are incredibly resilient and strong, as they protect the delicate flowers from our harsh cold in the winter.  Many deciduous trees wait to bud and bloom in the spring all at once.  I find the magnolia fascinating in this respect. 

Although there are some clouds coming in, this figure is focused on the warm golden rays of sun shining down on her.  She is basking in the opportunities that present themselves to her, and is nurturing a new path in her life, believing in her dreams and moving towards her goals, no matter how out of reach they may seem.  She knows she is worthy of happiness and capable of doing so much, as she has survived the cold, depressive loneliness of the winter while still nurturing her buds and entertaining the ideas of her dreams and passions.  She is ready to take the necessary action steps toward achieving these goals, even though she may not be aware of what exactly needs to be done.  She trusts that the universe will provide, and she believes in her own inner strength, for her roots are strong and she can rely on them to keep her sturdy and grounded.  She embraces her own beauty, and her imperfections compassionately, and gives of herself to others, while maintaining the balance of self-care.  She is ready to take on the world, to bloom and let go of what no longer serves her in every moment, and welcome in the wondrous changes that are about to unfold.  Every growing, ever changing, always trusting the journey and the process and embracing each and every step with love.

What do you see in this painting?  How does she speak to you?  What does she make you feel?  Do you believe in her?  Do you believe in you? 

I would LOVE to hear your interpretation!  Please, lets get a conversation started!  Thank you for reading and appreciating my art!  Cheers!

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