A Glimpse into my process – Weathering the Storm

I find this painting to be very interesting.  It was also amusing to me to see how it was accepted when I shared it with a few of my friends before publicly at my solo exhibition, Renewal.  This didn’t make sense to my one friend…but because it so perfectly portrays how I feel and what I was thinking at the time of creating it, i chose not to take her suggestions and make changes.  Here is the story for this piece.

Firstly, notice how she is rooted, but her roots are not deep and strong, and she is not stable looking, her life is sitting on a fence, delicately balanced, yet awaiting the anticipated fall.

She has left the darkness of her past state of mind, and yet, she keeps looking back to it rather than focusing on what lies ahead.  Because there are obstacles between where she currently exists and the light at the other side of the turmoil.  She must decide…will she fall back into the feeling of familiarity and stillness of depression?  Or will she face the approaching waves, stand strong in her truth, and in time arrive at the other side of the storm?  This is a huge decision, and every moment contributes to which way she will go.  She may even go forward and back a few times, and wade in the water for a while until her roots grow deeper and stronger.  There is hope, and she know is, but is she doubts her strength and ability to get through it.  And she is alone in this battle…there is no support around her, no one to hold her hand and help her through.  She must face this path herself.

She is also learning to let go of what no longer serves her.  For now, she is holding on with all her might, bracing for the storm.  But in the end, once she weathers the storm, she knows that she will have shed the pieces of herself that she no longer needs…all of her limiting beliefs, all of her negative, criticizing voices.  She knows that they will be washed away in the storm, and although she wants to release these harmful pieces of herself, she is stuck in the fear of wondering, “what will I be without these parts of me that I have lived with for so long?”  And what will she discover no longer serves her in her life once she has let go of these thought patterns?  Will she even recognize herself after the storm?  Or will she be transformed into a new, beautiful and confident version of herself?  That is the hope…but she must believe it and look towards the light, and trust her inner truth in order to weather the storm.

What do you see in this painting?  What does she make you feel?  Do you relate to this painting?  Or does it make you feel uneasy?  I would love to hear your interpretation!  Thank you!  And cheers until next time!

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