A Glimpse into my process – Luminous Woods

This painting is magical and happy making!  In my opinion, anyways.  lol.  A golden cloud of fireflies coming out of the forest and dancing around the main tree figure, as she examines the beauty of a single creature.  This painting represents discovery through a newly-found innocence.  A child-like way of interacting with the world, where everything is new and mysterious, and magic is everywhere.  

I was inspired with this vision after scrolling pinterest and seeing a dancer in this position.  I immediately thought of fireflies dancing around her.  Funny how a single picture of a dancer turns into this in my head.  But that is what inspiration is all about.  And that is what art has done for me. 

My head injury forced me to reset, delving deep into myself, and being almost born-again as a new person.  Only I was broken and lost and looking for myself.  It was through art that I started to rediscover my joy, and developed a new perspective on life.  Things I had been taking for granted were now a big deal.  For example, it has taken me over 4 years to be able to sign my name and talk at the same time again…something I had done for close to 10 years knowingly in my job, who knows how long before that filling out other documentation.  I can now drive and listen to music IF I am alone and the weather and traffic conditions are amiable.  These seemingly simple tasks of multitasking were overwhelming to me.  In order to tame the overwhelm, I learned and began to practice mindfulness.  Being completely aware of your senses and surroundings and totally absorbed in a moment is refreshing and calming, and allowed me to appreciate the little things again.  Just like a child discovering the world for the first time.

And then, came art.  The joy of painting and playing with colour, letting go of rules and expectations.  Being mindful of how the paint felt between my fingers, and the way the colours danced and blended so beautifully.  Recently, I have begun burning inspirational incense while I paint, and listening to playful instrumental music.  By involving as many senses as possible, my experience is more joyful and focused, and the paintings take on more of my intention and emotion.  I may also include a tea or a glass of wine to indulge my taste buds.  😉  Don’t worry, I am not eating the yellow paint.  lol (Van Gogh reference…for those not following).

Painting has become a meditative process for me.  I am discovering happy accidents all of the time, as well as what brings me joy.  In fact, many of my paintings I don’t really know or understand the full meaning of until it is complete, when I look at it with fresh eyes, and see what it really means to me.  It is such an interesting process!  I love to play and experiment and allow one move to lead to the next and then the next.  Most of all, art has allowed me to take on a child-like view of the world, seeing things for what seems like the first time, with a fresh outlook.  And when I get into my head and start over thinking the details, it is time for me to stop painting for the night…or at least leave that project and work on something else for a while.  This is why I have many partially finished paintings.  lol.  

What does this painting say to you?  Do you have something that helps you find your inner child?  Please share it!  I would love to know!  Cheers!

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