A Glimpse into my process – Striking Transformation

Woo, this is a powerful piece.  I will be honest, it didn’t come together as I had originally envisioned or expected.  But I do love her.  In my original sketch, her body position was different, as if the lightening was breaking her spirit.  When I chose the 24×48 inch panel to paint her on, I knew she needed to make a different statement. 

I can feel the chaos in the clouds above her, and the serenity in the distance. And I can feel her strength and confidence. 

To me, she demonstrates how we can take in negativity from our environment, and instead of letting it bring her down, she remains strong and allows it to return to the earth…similarly to the way many healings and meditations go.  By returning to the earth, the negativity is neutralized, no longer able to do harm.  Although the storm is right above her, she remains confident, and can see the clearing in the distance, with a beautiful sunset sky.  She is not afraid of the storm for her roots run deep and she knows she can withstand anything.

I have done both yoga and meditation where I have been encouraged to visualize roots from my feet into the earth, in order to ground myself, calm myself, and release any negative feelings, physical or emotional, into mother earth to allow for healing.  It has always seemed very helpful to me, even if I only take a minute when I feel like I am spinning to stand and focus on roots.  

What does this painting represent to you?  Does she say anything to you?  Have you been strong in the face of hardship and chaos?  Many of us have, if not everyone.  Tell me what you think!

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