A Glimpse into my process – Winter’s Introspection

Hello friends!  Welcome to my insight on Winter’s Introspection! 

This one was interesting to me because I wanted to demonstrate a hibernation-like state.  An internal journey of self discovery, while still being exposed to the elements.  She is quiet, and still and has let go of everything.  And yet, she is still strong, and beautiful, as the snow gently wraps her branches and glistens in the dull light of the late afternoon sky.  The weight of the snow does not bother her, as she knows that this heaviness is temporary and necessary in her journey of self discovery.

Unless one goes to a rehab centre or hospital to sort their lives out, we are left to deal with life as it comes while making personal development changes in our lives. Like being exposed to the elements. You may know what to do or how you “should” respond, but sometimes it is hard not to react impulsively to the environment around us when we are in or near crisis. This is why she is in the middle of the snow, unprotected from the wind and cold. Notice that she does not crumble, however, she stands strong and remains grounded. Exposed to the elements, she focuses her energy inward, meditating and self soothing while she waits for a sunny, warmer day. She trusts that a shift in the weather is coming. And when it does, she will be ready to grow and bloom into her magnificent beauty and power. But for now, she remains still and quiet in her thoughts.  

I love the colours and the feel of this painting. It’s sweet simplicity and yet vibrancy of colour.

What does this painting say to you? How does it make you feel?

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